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Become a
Sea Star

Do a heroic deed for our beloved sea, have fun, and win valuable prizes!

Immerse yourself wholeheartedly in the activity of recreational diving with the useful goal of cleaning the seabed, and this summer become a sea star!

About the project

SeaStar Hero by DiveOut is a fun outdoor activity that makes our sea destinations unique for an active family vacation. We bring objects that don’t belong there out of the sea and thus do a good deed for our planet, and by participating in this activity, you show how caring for nature can be fun and accessible to everyone.

We offer you the opportunity to get to know our coast and its underwater world in a completely new way – you can do good deeds, win prizes and become a famous SeaStar Hero, an honorary member of our community.

We encourage you to enjoy diving and offer you equipment to collect the waste discovered during this exciting activity!

We are looking for heroes that everyone will admire and nature will love!

If you participate:

  • You care about the preservation of our one and only sea.
  • You are doing something good for yourself because swimming and diving keep you FIT.
  • You are having a great time.
  • You win valuable prizes and become an honorary member of our community.