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Sea Star

Do a heroic deed for our beloved sea. Have fun, and win valuable prizes along the way. Immerse yourself wholeheartedly in the activity of recreational diving, with the useful aim of cleaning the seabed, and this summer you could be the star of the city of Poreč!

Post pictures on your social profiles with #seastarhero and encourage others to become a SeaStar Hero in this deeply important mission.

About the project

Poreč is known as a destination for active family vacations. This fun outdoor activity (SeaStar Hero by DiveOut Poreč), during which we retrieve objects from the sea that do not belong there, makes it unique in the world! In our tourist offer we are introducing an activity that allows us to do a good deed for our planet, but also shows how caring for nature can be fun, stimulating and accessible to everyone.

We offer you the opportunity to get to know Poreč and its undersea in a completely new way – at the same time you can do something good for nature, be awarded, and become a famous SeaStar Hero, an honorary member of our community.

We encourage you to enjoy diving and offer you equipment to collect the waste discovered during this exciting activity!

We are looking for heroes that nature will love and everyone in the city will admire!

If you participate in our
SeaStar Hero project:

  • You are doing something good for yourself because swimming and diving keep you FIT.
  • You are having a great time.
  • You care about the preservation of our one and only sea.
  • You win valuable prizes and become a respected member of our city.

How to become
a SeaStar Hero?

Your ability to swim and dive is important, and it is certainly good to have your mask, snorkel and fins at hand. To begin with, you need to contact the person in charge of safety on our beaches (s/he is usually located on elevated beach guard look-outs, dressed in yellow), and announce your participation in the SeaStar Hero by DiveOut activity. If s/he is away or on some sort of intervention, do not take action because the beach guard will provide you with additional equipment for removing marine debris (net and protective gloves) and will keep an eye on you.

Take a deep breath in and go for it!

Good for you at the
end of the adventure

This is the deal: you contribute positively to the environment and Nature is grateful to you, which is the most important thing, but in addition we reward you!


Every hero, including you, who returns the equipment and brings the surfaced waste to the person in charge of safety on the beaches, wins a badge. That will be proof of your courage and big heart!

Badge Badge


If you try even harder, and collect a larger amount of waste from the sea (min. 15 pcs.), you win the incredible prestigious title of SeaStar Hero and a t-shirt that will grant you a number of benefits for 1 day. The T-shirt will contain the date in the next 14 days for which these benefits are valid. Don’t forget to remind the person who gives you the T-shirt to enter the date and wear it when you go to town! This is how you’ll enjoy the whole day as a SeaStar Hero, the whole town will notice you, cheer you on, and compete to see who will host and surprise you better!

Prizes are valid until project supplies last! That’s why if you or your family member won a shirt this season, leave the opportunity for others to do the same. Thank you!

List of partners where you get
various benefits by wearing a
SeaStar Hero T-shirt with a date on it

Rules of safe diving

Before diving, be sure to contact the nice person in yellow who takes care of our safety from the elevated tiny beach guard look-outs, carefully read and follow the safety tips. You know how it works, if you want to have a good time, you have to take the rules seriously.

And here are a couple of key ones:
  • Dive only in the marked zone.
  • Dive as long as you are physically comfortable, but never more than 2 hours.
  • Apply sun protection cream or clothing.
  • Do not remove heavy or hazardous waste on your own.
  • Do not touch anything marine - we only accept waste from the sea.
  • If you are not yet 18 years old, you must be accompanied by a guardian.
Be sure to check the
other rules in detail here

List of beaches

You can participate in the period from 15.06. to 15.09. (or until the project awards run out), every day from 10 am to 6 pm at 5 beaches:

Call other fellow heroes

It is very important that we also include other potential heroes in the action so that our seabed shines. That's why we ask you to take a picture with your catch and share the photo with #seastarhero

Children with snorkeling masks